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Christine Göttfried was born with a tetraspastic and has been the disability officer of the Kreuth community since 2000. With a lot of self-discipline, ambition and very good therapists on top of that, she managed to lead an almost normal life with her spasticity. Her passion is the mountains and especially the snow.

After making the acquaintance of the Tessier company through a family friend, in 2015 she was looking for sponsors for a Duo-Tempo Skibob. Bräustüberl host Peter Hubert invested in such a skibob and made it available free of charge to the Tegernsee ski school and in particular to all people with disabilities.

Skiing gave Ms. Göttfried such a joy and for the first time in her life gave her a feeling of freedom, far away from her wheelchair, which is why she decided to set up a Ski Cup to show other people with disabilities that a Handicap doesn't have to be!

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